Our services

We want to help people stay in their own homes with dignity, independence and control over their lives. 

We tailor each service to a person’s unique circumstancesThis sets us apart from other agencies for home care. Here are some of the services we offer are below, but we work hard to accommodate all types requirements. 

  • Short-term care after leaving hospital
  • Dementia
  • 24 hour care and Live-In care support in your home 
  • Companionship and socialising
  • Preparing meals and support with eating
  • Domestic support
  • Personal care
  • Shopping and meals preparation
  • Assisting with general household tasks such as laundry and ironing
  • Going on outings and assisting with community based activities

All our care workers have a valid DBS and are recruited in compliance with the National Care Standards for Domiciliary Care. 

We offer Domiciliary Care Service for adults aged 18 and above and trained carers for ResidentialNursing Home and Day Centre for any period – from short notice and shortterm cover, to permanent placement. 

If you have any questions please contact one of our team would be very happy to discuss your requirements.

Looking for a specific service?

Personal care

Whatever it is we’ll be there. We can help with everyday tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, washing, oral hygiene, shaving and more – anything and everything to stay comfortable throughout the day.

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After hospital care

Together we can develop a tailored support programme designed to help overcome challenges and meet goals. We help with confidence and independence to reach defined goals or get as close as humanly possible to them.

In practice this could mean all types daily activities. Things like introducing mobility equipment, help managing a household and medication, or advice on where to go for specialist support.

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Live-in care

We can provide a suitable, compatible and trained care worker to live-in at home to provide 24 hour care support and peace of mind.

This could be a long-term arrangement, or something short term that allows a client to stay in their home if their regular carer needs a break.

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Dementia care

Our highly committed team includes specialists in dementia care, trained to help with many different needs from assistance around the home to personal care.

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Palliative care

From the start of Axela, we have supported people during their last days. Our staff are trained in End of Life and Palliative care and for different stages of bereavement. Everything from pressure area care to moving and handling. Most importantly, we know how important it is to see and engage with the whole person, not just their diagnosis.

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Respite care

We can provide care for a set period so that a regular or family carer can take some time off. We can set this up at regular times throughout a week, or we can provide care for a few days so you can have a complete break.

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Companionship and socialising

Staying independent is the most valued goal for our clients and more and more people are deciding that they want to stay in their own home. Our companionship and socialising services can help people stay independent and happy in their home.

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Domestic support

Our and home help covers all aspects of housekeeping to help people to live well in a home that’s clean, tidy and safe.

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Medication Assistance

Managing medicines can become difficult when a variety of pills need to be taken at different times of the day. We handle everything to take the stress out of administering medication.

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Complex Care

We work with many individuals with complex needs. disabilities, and other on-going health concerns. Our trained and experienced staff are ready to help, whatever a person’s needs.

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