Axela Care and Respect Care Unveil Innovative Joint Training Facility in Willesden

A Home Away from Home: Axela Care and Respect Care Unveil Innovative Joint Training Facility in Willesden

In a move towards reshaping the landscape of care worker training, Axela Care and Respect Care are excited to announce the opening of their new joint training facility in Willesden. What sets this facility apart is its unique design philosophy—it’s not just a space for learning; it’s a space that feels like home. 


Understanding the pivotal role care workers play in the lives of service users, we set out to create an environment that mirrors the home environment. The training facility in Willesden is meticulously designed to replicate the atmosphere of a service user’s home, fostering a sense of familiarity and empathy among care workers.

Rather than traditional classroom setups, our facility features immersive learning environments that mimic the various spaces within a service user’s home.


The aim of this home-like setup is to offer care workers the opportunity to practise their skills in a realistic environment. Whether it’s setting a dining table, assisting with mobility in a bedroom, or navigating a kitchen for meal preparation, our training facility allows for hands-on learning that directly translates to the challenges care workers may encounter in their day-to-day responsibilities.


By immersing care workers in a setting that replicates a service user’s home, we aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of those under their care. This approach goes beyond theoretical knowledge, fostering a sense of empathy and respect that is fundamental to providing high-quality care services.


While the ambiance mirrors a home, our training facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. Care workers have access to tools that prepare them for a diverse range of situations they may encounter in their caregiving roles. We will be working with our external partners to place modern and cutting edge technologies in order to support the care delivery. 


In addition to the immersive training environments, our facility is designed to be a collaborative space. Regular workshops and team-building exercises are planned to create a community of care professionals who can share experiences and support each other in their professional development journey.


If you would like to find out more, please contact the one of the team. If you are interested with working with us, please see available roles here.