Is dental hygiene important

Good dental hygiene and oral care habits are important at any age, but as we get older this becomes more important when it comes to your oral health. As we get older, certain oral conditions not present when you were younger might develop. That’s why dental care for older adults is so important. Many of these elder dental problems are easily identified, solved, or even prevented when you know what to look for. 

Oral hygiene is covered in training we wanted to bringing an increased awareness of the importance of good mouth care and how it impacts on general health and quality of life. On Thursday 13th February we had a visit by Cherma St Clair Nurse Practitioner and educator who completed training sessions on the importance of Oral Hygiene. Health Education England launched ‘Mouth Care Matters’ in 2015  to improve oral health of adults in care homes and hospitals and is now looking at how we can assist with peoples being cared for in their own home.

We started the morning session with facts on the structure of the mouth and how poor oral health effects individuals wellbeing using risk assessment tool to identify any oral hygiene needs.  After looking at the correct way to clean the mouth and given the instructions on how to give oral care we were given the opportunity provide oral hygiene on each other. At first the group was a little hesitant but after a few attempts laughter could be heard as some of the participants began to act as service users to put obstacles in the way.

Learning how to brush somebody else’s teeth, was very usual and not something you think about doing. you have to take into account how hard you are brushing and if that is ok for the other person.

Training like this allows staff raise awareness on the effects of peoples health and the relationship with poor Oral Hygiene

Tooth brush with tooth paste

Mental Health First Aid

Over two days a mixture of office, field based and community staff attended Mental Health First Aider training which is accredited by Mental Health First Aid England. We covered topics in relation to mental well-being, spotting the signs of mental ill-health, how to approach and deal with any situations using an action plan set out by Mental Health First Aid England and we also broke down different mental ill health conditions.

All participants reflected throughout the course how real the training was, how mental health surrounds each and every one of us on a daily basis and how everyone is within ‘ The Mental Health Continuum’ with ever changing mental health changes happening to each of us as individuals due to situations and life stages.

The course was intense however our trainer from Educ8 ( was able to ensure all participants were okay throughout as we were warned how emotive the course can be, the mixture of textbook, exercise and visual (video) allowed to really understand the subject matter better. 

After the training Axela Care now have variety of staff trained to offer Mental Health First Aid both within the office and out in the field. We will now be looking at how similar training can be offered to all staff over the next 12 months to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of this.

At Axela we believe mental health ad physical health go hand in hand that’s why we are hoping to have as many staff as possible trained as Mental Health First Aiders along with all our staff that receive First aid training and workplace first aid training. The more we learn the more we can spot the signs and support each other earlier. 

Christmas meal for all

As part of the festive initiative, those without families or living on their own at Christmas will have a complimentary full cultural Christmas meal inc dessert delivered by our devoted team at Axela Care and Respect Care

Our Christmas food initiative is something we’re really passionate about and proud that it has grown from a few meals 5 years ago to preparing over 110 meals to be delivered on Christmas day. |This year there was a choice between traditional turkey and all the trimmings, vegetarian and even a vegan alternative and option for those on special diet. The team worked hard to make sure that all the meals met the needs of those receiving them.

Thanks all that helped to get this ready

Jacquie and the team – Sinead, Kat, Cleo did an amazing job and thanks to all the drivers that will be out tomorrow delivering the meals to those in need.

If you know someone that might benefit from a free Christmas meal please get in touch here

Axela Care is opening an new office in Watford. 

We are pleased to announce the opening of our nw satellite office that will allow us to support service users in the community in the Watford, Bushey and three rivers area.

The office will act as a satellite office for our work in the community supporting Watford, Bushy and 3 rivers.

We thank you for your continued support.

Please get in touch if you are looking for care work in Watford area.