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About Us

The Private Home Care Team at Axela Care have more than 60 years’ experience

We provide and manage 24 hour care and other services to the health and social sectors. Axela Care is a homecare agency providing care services in London and Surrey, we put the high standard of care for the people we look after first, and profit second.

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We tailor each service to a person’s unique circumstances

We want to help people stay in their own homes with dignity, independence and control over their lives.

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Personal care

Whatever it is we’ll be there. We can help with everyday tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning…

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After hospital care

Together we can develop a tailored support programme designed to help overcome…
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Live-in care

We can provide a suitable, compatible and trained care worker to live-in at home to…

Home Care Support Available From Axela Carers

Axela Care is led by a seasoned management team with over 60 years of expertise in providing personalised, quality care support.

We support adults aged 18 and above in home care and domiciliary settings, and provide trained care workers for more specialist requirements such as dementia care.

When an Axela Care support worker visits your home or the home of your loved one, you can expect:

    • Compassion, care and understanding from professionally trained support workers who abide by a best practice Code of Conduct.
    • Regular reviews to ensure your Care Plan is meeting your needs, be they physical, emotional, or related to open-ended support and day-to-day help.
    • Personal attention, and capable assistance with a wide range of tasks, from personal care to attending leisure events or recreational activities.
    • Reliable visits, according to your scheduled visits or changing care requirements, with dependable and friendly home care workers.
    • Consistency, with regular home care support workers assigned to help you build a rapport and ensure you can clearly communicate your wishes.
    • Proactive support to uphold your rights to independence, privacy, dignity and sensitivity, whether in carrying out tasks or in making your own choices.

Axela Care is rated Good by the Care Quality Commission, holds ISO 9000 Quality Assurance, and is a member of the Homecare Association.

Get the right support for you with Pair My Care

Pair my Care is a self directed care platform of Axela Group that allows you to find right person to deliver the care you need.



Our latest home care stories

Here you can read inspiring interviews and interesting articles, access useful tools, and download our latest guides.
New training office: A Home Away from Home

New training office: A Home Away from Home

Understanding the pivotal role care workers play in the lives of service users, we set out to create an environment that mirrors the home environment. The training facility in Willesden is meticulously designed to replicate the atmosphere of a service user’s home, fostering a sense of familiarity and empathy among care workers

What are my options for care at home?

What are my options for care at home?

If someone has a sudden deterioration in their health and cannot perform daily life activities on their own, they may need temporary care to adapt and live independently again. This temporary care is called reablement care, intermediate care, or aftercare.  Research...

What are my options for care at home?

What are my options for care at home?

When you first start to look into your options for care at home, it can sometimes feel confusing or overwhelming due to the range of different options available. We’ve compiled a list explaining each type of care at home, to help you to choose the option that’s best...

Care Job Opportunities

We have care job opportunities perfect for experienced home care professionals

Find an amazing career opportunity with Axela Care, and find a London care role or Surrey care job that suits your experience and current circumstance. We offer ongoing training and support with care team benefits and perks.

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Support Worker Jobs London & Surrey

If you are an experienced support worker in London or Surrey area looking for a new support worker job, we are looking for caring and skilled care professionals to help individuals live independently, comfortably, and with dignity…

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Domiciliary Care Jobs London & Surrey

Our busy home care team often has domiciliary care jobs available in London for skilled, compassionate and talented individuals, is this you? We offer flexibility and shifts to suit your care experience and requirements…

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Home Care Jobs London & Surrey

We are always looking for enthusiastic home care workers London & Surrey to meet growing demand. Home care expansion continues and social care is developing into an amazing career with plenty of opportunity…

Become an Axela Care – Home Care Worker

Our care worker community is dedicated to providing the best possible standards of care, ethics and sustainable growth.

We demonstrate this ethos through our expansive training programmes, policies and procedures, rigorous record keeping and accomplished teams of home care and support work professionals.

Axela Care invests in our workforce by providing fully paid training opportunities, periodic quality assessment reviews and support with certified courses and qualifications such as NVQs and other recognised accreditations.

When you are a home care worker with Axela Care, we ensure you receive ongoing, competitively paid employment with oversight and support from an engaged supervisory and management team, with on-the-job training and ongoing dialogues to help you progress and achieve new caring career opportunities.

We work with a wide range of service users, offer home care support to clients around London and Surrey, and have built a care team of outstanding skills, specialisms and quality – in the respect and assurance we offer each individual or family and in the care standards we set.

Relationships are at the heart of exceptional care, and this is where we focus; on building long-lasting relationships with our service users, committed teams, supportive supervisors, experienced managers and workplace settings.

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